Thursday, 20 March 2008


This is what I spent tonight doing. Once a big crinkly Indian silk scarf of my mother's. A slit across the middle, and some strategic pinning later, and this is where it's going. I guess I'm aiming for somewhere between Prada's liquid prints and green and purple S/S 08 palette, and Marios Schwab's soft structural shapes.

Marios Schwab S/S 08

Prada S/S 08

Haven't sewn it together yet, so that's work for tonight and the weekend.

Runway images:

P.S. It goes without saying I will be finding some kind of under-dress option once this is done. Tempted to cut wide stripes out of a black vest for graphic, sheer/not-sheer approach.


a lady said...

that's really lovely...going to do it with tights?

Charponnaise said...

Thank you. Yeah, I'm thinking something slightly off without completely clashing. A weird blue, a really violent pink, or red. Gotta sew the thing first though! I have a nasty habit of pinning things together, then never getting around to sewing them.

KillingSpree said...

a little late but i think its beautiful. I quite envy your leet skillz!