Friday, 21 March 2008


I really like Leona Lewis. Like Girls Aloud [and yet.. er.. so not] she's one of those freakish examples of Re-ally-dee Teevee actually producing something of worth. This doesn't happen often, and it should be clung to passionately, as a talisman against the rest of the crap that Pop-Idol-Factor usually excretes. Like her songs - just the right side of epic, clutch-your-heart sentiment. Like her videos - colourful but not garish... she looks great in each [the sparkly gown in Bleeding Love, the white silver-screen style silk dressing gown in the new one]. Like her - she comes across as really likeable. Keep it up, Leona. Far rather see and hear you than the crop of boring, dull-eyed Amy MacDonald types that are everywhere right now.

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