Friday, 21 March 2008

The odd couple

Never thought I'd see this [before January of this year, anyway]. Eyewear shot from the Burberry S/S 08 campaign. Most over-exposed model ever - she of the 'kooky' wonky limbs and slack-jawed angry-eyebrowed perma-pose... draped around Martin of Selfish Cunt [alias Best Rock 'n' Roll Frontman In London], the pair of them decked out in posh togs.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

At least Peaches Geldof isn't in the photo.

Question: If Agyness had long hair, how much attention/how many bookings would she get?


Sophie said...

Arghhh I cannot stand her! I was having the discussion with my friend about the hair=popularity debate, I was saying she looks like a hair model. The I found an old Blonde Hair magazine and there she was, it was from about 3 years before she got big. I agree she would be NOTHING without that hair! *rant over*

Charponnaise said...

yep! it's not that she's a really terrible, terrible model... she's alright, clothes look good on her... but it bothers me that a lass who has two and a half poses is being hailed as fashion's second coming. and the more i see her, the more banal she seems. especially when you see her interviewed, and every third word is 'like'.

still, i love the fact that martin from selfish cunt is in these ads. i fucking love that band. i've read so many reviews by terrified hacks, marvelling at how subversive and aggressive he is... seen the band plenty times myself, seen him dressed up as a harlequin, draped in all sorts of togs... it tickles me pink to walk past the burberry windows now and see him jumping out of the huge blown up photos in the windows in a turquoise raincoat, more prominent than any of the models! i think it's delightful.

ash said...

I think Aggy or laura is very much of the moment. She is not iconic, and won't last like a kate moss, and does not have a universal beauty. Her relevance does not really seem to extend pass the hoxton crew. No matter hard they try.

Sarah Stilettos said...

I do enjoy your blog but please don't slag my favourite model. I love all four of her wonky limbs and both of her wrong colored eyebrows. I believe part of the point of her is having no elegance and she has fine taste in brogues.

Sarah x

la femme said...

I saw her at a music fest in Paris two summers ago before she became super famous - she looked more interesting then. Relaxed, no posing.