Thursday, 15 May 2008

Summer solutions

.......I haven't found any yet.

I'm trying out clothes to get me through the summer, through festivals and city heat. I will not resort to smock dresses and shapeless tops. I'm not flapping about in flipflops or wearing the smallest thing I can find simply to combat the incoming heat. I've worn my used-to-be-skinny grey jeans every day for the past week, with sailor vests and unbuttoned men's shirts tucked in at the back, or loose black cut-off jersey tops, or semi-halterneck mesh-cutaway vests. I'm bored. BORED. I want some elegance this summer.

Some ideas:

I got this grey silk dress at the weekend in Appletree. Very comfortable and airy, and I like the shape and the satin roses. I need to find ways to wear it in the daytime, but it'll be nice at night, with black tights and low-heeled second-hand ankle boots or with high black suede platform heels.

These shorts were once a pair of black trousers I bought five years ago. Hell am I paying for new shorts when I can modify things I know already fit me. I'm not sure about the length yet - I've rolled them into cuffs and pinned them, but not sewn them into place yet. Constructive opinions welcome. I probably wouldn't wear them with this top, either... I'd likely keep it monochrome with a loose top tucked in, or a satin 30s-style cap-sleeved top. They will solve lots of problems with tops I have that need tucking into higher-waisted shorts and skirts than I currently possess. Shoes... not sure yet.

Tried this shirt-dress on in Appletree when I bought the above silk dress. The sleeves and collar were too big but a bit of rolling fixed that. I like it but I'm not sure if I like it enough to buy it. I'd rather buy a large men's shirt from M&S, sans flowers, and attempt the same shape with it than spend £60 on this [though I don't know how I'd do the rolled collar, which in hindsight I really like]. Still, it is an idea. Nice with gladiator sandals, or white tennis shoes.

None of these options seem quite sharp enough yet though, and being pale [and I'm not doing anything about that] the easy-breezey nautical looks that work on tanned girls won't look right on me; I think I need to play up the contrast, rather than try to look classically 'summery'. I'm just not a summery-looking lady.

I want to look relaxed and comfortable..

...but more chic than everyone else. Is that wrong?


Alice said...

I adore the length of those shorts, and both dresses.

I have only just moved to London and wasn't aware of Appletree's presence; I'll be there the next time I'm in Covent Garden.

Charponnaise said...

Yeah, it's a good little store. Unfortunately overpriced in recent years, where it used to be a good little bargain trove, but always worth a look! Quality of the clothes isn't always great though - unfinished hems, and when I tried on the grey dress, one of the flowers was falling off, I had to get them to find me another dress.

pasha said...

sorry this is off topic but i could not find any other contact info.

Polyvore's editor does not currently work in Safari version 2. it does work in Safari 3 (the current version) if you can upgrade (it is a free update from Apple). If not, you can use FireFox on the mac. Sorry about the inconvenience.
And what's your Polyvore profile? :)

Charponnaise said...

Aha! Thank you for that. I'll get the new Safari then, and see what luck I have.

I'm here:

Newbie, so only one set so far... but I shall be playing with it more once I get it working properly!

Thanks again x

thesearchforchic said...

I totally feel you, and the grey dress looks great on you.. I can see it working for daytime with some nice sandals..

It's SO refreshing to heart others get some thoughts into their outfits. <3

I am not a summery looking person.. perhaps that is where I am going wrong, I find myself inspired by Marni and some Scandinavians though, but that is really far off what I am used to wearing, and I believe you can pull off almost anything as long as you are[look] comfortable in it.

let us know as you come up with solutions!

Wendy said...

The first dress is so pretty. I don't see why it wouldn't make a good day time dress along with nighttime.

Make Do & Mend said...

The wearing is all about attidude adn so the items you've got have quite a french vibe going - plimsolls would work well with shorts and shirt dress - look at APC's website.
With your grey dress be bold and enjoy it - it has an element of greek/romanesque so find some gladiator style flats for daywear or pointy flats and white cardi if you want an Italian Capri look.

Charponnaise said...

Alas, my plimsolls looked very, very wrong with the shorts. Black plimsolls might have worked better but my white ones are a no-go. They'd go with that dress if I go back and buy it though. I think I'm going to wear the shorts with mid-heeled 1970s sandals - overly high heels would be a little tarty, particularly as it's too warm to wear tights. The grey dress doesn't work with my red gladiators but I've got my eye on another pair that might work better..... in the meantime it's good with flat black ankle boots, black tights and a mannishly-cut jacket.

Robert said...
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