Friday, 9 May 2008

How to get past clipboard nazis - a tale of daring and folly

On Sunday I am doing a shoot with S/S 08 Matthew Williamson clothes. Exciting! I'm standing in for an absent model. Should be fun, my first shoot of this kind.

In less fashion-related news, rounding the corner of Soho Square tonight en route to the Everisto Club, every Londoner's favourite dive since Tattys closed, I saw two not entirely sober men trying to get into a heaving nightclub . . . by climbing into the window round the side of the building, in full view of the square. Very very funny. One was carrying out sloppy look-out/encouragement duties while the other struggled somewhat intemperately with the ground floor sash window [this gave one a view right onto the dancefloor of the club, which is actually some kind of religious organisation/homeless shelter] and tried to climb in but with scant luck. Naturally I got out my camera.

Sadly I was too slow to capture the full glory of his ungainly half-in-half-out state before he admitted defeat, arse in the air 'n' all, but perhaps you can imagine it instead.

The bouncers, a few feet away round the corner, were oblivious to the crime happening under their noses. These days you really can't get the staff.


Luxe. said...

Haha why would anyone think 'Oh I know lets just break in through the window'?! OOOH the Mathew Williamson shoot sounds exciting, I want to see pics soon as possible!

Charponnaise said...

Ah, well that one's up to the photographer, I hope he'll let me show a few though.

I suppose one has to give the chaps reserved admiration for their misguided initiative. It was after all a ground floor club with sash windows...there was every chance that it might work.

thesearchforchic said...

I'm ashamed to say been there done that... *hides* To my defence it was in my younger days when I was not old enough to get into a club and had older friends who already got in.