Monday, 12 May 2008

'And everyone is gonna dress like me...'

The modelling yesterday was great fun. No photos yet, but the photographer and stylist are happy for me to show a few so when they're ready, I'll post a couple. Readers, you'll laugh your heads off. I spent the day under the blazing sun in a farmyard in Hackney, trussed in skyscrapingly high silver wedge heels, chin-length pale pink hair complete with fringe and angry-looking dark lipstick, holding this Matthew Williamson dress together [it was precarious in the extreme] while conversing with a goose named Gregory and holding a hen aloft. [It was very well-behaved and cheerful, and didn't flap at all.]

As Sunday afternoons go, it was surreal but delightful.


Luxe. said...

Yeay!! I cannot wait to see pics, they sound amazing!

Charponnaise said...

Coming very shortly :) I'm having to attempt clever code editing on my blog to accommodate them.