Monday, 26 May 2008

The Dreamers on Film4. One of the most enchanting films I've ever seen - it is, to quote director Bertolucci's description of Eva Green, obscenely beautiful. Many people I know loathe it. They are wrong. Horribly, pitiably wrong. Eva, Louis Garrell and the admittedly rather creepy and slurry-voiced but ever watchable Michael Pitt drifting around a labyrinthine, decaying French apartment, mercilessly outdoing each other in film geekery and social/sexual deviancy, to the backdrop of the 60s student riots in Paris, with the odd Wizard of Oz/Bande a Part clip thrown in for fun and some sinister communist undertones.. what's not to adore?

The music is gorgeous [Somewhere Beyond The Sea in French, some agreeably tuneless Janis Joplin and lots of stoned 60s guitars], the cast are shockingly beautiful, and when they can be bothered to clothe themselves, the clothes are to die for. The boys lounge about in cheap-looking tweed and velvet jackets and black shirts, and Eva models a parade of Frencher-than-thou demure bell-sleeved black dresses, red berets, thread-bare paisley shirts and flippy A-line skirts. Even when she's clowning about in white dungarees, with a head of white fringing and a mop, she looks phenomenal. I'll never tire of looking at Louis Garrell, but this is the film that made me fall in love with Eva Green.



Natalie said...

It is unfair how beautiful Eva Green is. And I love this movie!

Make Do & Mend said...

Oh, will sky + this and wait 'til everyone is out so there is no maoning.

Luxe. said...

I love this movie, well appart from the period in the bath scene!