Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Birthday shopping

I needed a new pair of trousers, something skinny and cigarette-like. So naturally on my birthday at the weekend I went shopping, and bought a bunch of dresses and a jacket. Let it never be uttered that I am not possessed of logic and wisdom.

Sadly my camera was uncharacteristically uncooperative, so some of these photos are somewhat overexposed. Man Ray I am not.

I love this knit dress by Japonica. The bow detail is cute and it's unbelievable easy and comfortable, even in sticky weather like this.

Belted with an ancient Liberty silk scarf [sadly my camera wouldn't pick up the pattern detail, it's very wispy and delicate]. The bump on my leg is me realising I need to be careful which lingerie I wear with this dress - anything involving knots and ties clearly won't do. Live and learn...

A cute shirt-dress from whereareyounow. Most shirty things on me look a bit stiff but this one is made of really nice, almost degraded cotton. Soft soft soft.

I had told myself I would not indulge in the trend for stars, as it can look quite teenage, but gosh I love this Reko dress. I can wear it anywhere, and the top part is double-lined so it holds its shape well and doesn't feel flimsy.

Dreeeeeeeeeeeeam. I have wanted a leather jacket for years, and never ever found a second-hand one that fit me [they're all cave-like on my frame]. God bless Topshop for this butter-soft little lovely.

I don't want to take it off. I wore it to lunch today in the clammy afternoon heat, and it was gorgeously comfortable, not too warm at all.

The odd one out. I didn't get this necklace at the weekend - got it a few weeks ago at a vintage fair in Notting Hill but haven't had much chance to wear it yet. It's good with silky camisoles and lacy/crochet v-necked tops. Not as heavy as it looks...


Sister Wolf said...

I love all of it! Thank god you found the perfect leather jacket. Now you are set for life!

The jacket and necklace are classics that will each look great with everything you own.

But you would adorable in anything.

enc said...

Every single thing you got is a HIT. Also, you are beautiful.

I hope you had a happy birthday weekend, and that you get a chance to wear your bright new necklace out as soon as possible.

Fashion Addict said...

These are all great items that you got! I love the photos as well, you look fabulous in the dresses!

BTW, would you like to do a link exchange with me?

Charponnaise said...

Sister wolf - I was beginning to give up hope! I am never letting this jacket out of my sight.

Thanks enc!

Fashion addict - I'd love to. I've linked you.

Make Do and Mend said...

Fab purchases. you must feel quite smug and satisified - as you should.
I'm with you on leather jacket issues. I've searched for years to and I saw one on the other day that looks like a winner at £140. Love the necklace.

Hana said...

I really love your leather jacket! It instantly ties the whole outfit together.

Kurtay said...


I love your look on the first dress. You look really cool..!

Leather jacket is very YOU, too. ;-) Nice...

When was your Have I missed to wish you a good one? If so, happy belated :-)

Let's get together for a drink soon even another photo shoot. ;-)


Anonymous said...

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