Friday, 11 July 2008

Patent and silk, satin and ribbons

Four things very dear to my heart.

Unfortunately for my attempts to save in this darkest of recession-shadowed times [--Side note - is it just me that's really not gotten into the spirit of the incoming poverty panic that's sweeping the nation? Is it unpatriotic of me? Perhaps as someone in a not well-paid or secure job who is hoping to buy a house in the next 12 months, I should be hiding behind the sofa right now, but I can't shake the thought that if I just keep saving and secreting £50 notes in envelopes around my house, I'll be okay...--]

Phew! Sorry about that. Where were we?

Ah yes. My inability to keep my debit card in my pocket in the face of shiny shiny patent. I've already got a pair of nude patent shoes [and blue patent shoes... and black patent shoes...] and really didn't need these, but there was something friendly-looking about them, and when I buckled them onto my feet, my tootsies smiled and introduced themselves to the leather with surprising cheer. Plus they remind me of Chloe shoes, though I'm sure I don't know which particular style, and that makes them more appealing, being as I certainly can't afford Chloe shoes.

At this point I must apologise for the shocking photo quality. Phone photos, as my camera cable is lost in the ether, post-house-decorating. There's official photos as well so you can see what they really look like.

Until I put them on and fell in something like love, they were the fallback option for these, which are ridiculous.

I never thought I'd succumb and buy something as patently [ho ho] ridiculous as satin shoes ["Ughhh! RUIN my satin shoes, why don't you?!?!?"}, particularly a pair of open-toed monstrosities spewing forth a froth of silk ribbon at the ankles, but then, I'd never seen these.

I can't work out whether they're pretty or pretty horrific. I've got 21 days to make up my mind, but unless I invite all my friends around to my house to help me with the decision, I'll have to decide on my own, because once I touch them to outdoor concrete I'm stuck with them.

For now, though, I love them.

Also, they have patent heels and ribbon-ends and a teensy-weensy little bar of patent over the toes. It's like a textural free-for-all... patent and satin and silk, oh my!

I think I would like to try living in the eighteenth century, when I think my taste in shoes would have been highly regarded throughout the land.

Thank you, Kurt Geiger. Thank you, Carvela.

P.S. Within my own, slightly oval sphere of logic, I can justify buying two pairs of shoes at once, because I also bought a book of sheet music this week for Chopin's nocturnes, and once I learn to play them all, my soul will be repaired and I will be a worthy individual again.


Angel Lust PR said...

I'm so happy I found a beautiful shoe blog

enc said...

Both pairs are gorgeous. Simply superb. Does that help?

CoutureCarrie said...

Beautiful shoes - I especially like the ones with the bow!

Charponnaise said...

I think I'm going to keep them both. :) The grey ones may have just provided me with the foil I needed for a graphic Pucci-style-printed Markus Lupfer in green, purple, white and grey.. all my other shoes were too 'straight' for them, or the wrong colour.

Kira Fashion said...

those shoes are lovely!

a kiss

enc said...

Hooray, you're keeping them both!

I tagged you for the Brilliante Premio Award! Come visit my blog to see about it.

Anonymous said...

You simply must keep both pairs! I hope you did, they are some of the most gorgeous shoes I have ever seen.

Charponnaise said...

enc - thank you! I am being a bit slack with posting lately, mainly because I am slaving over a hot sewing machine, but I shall tag some deserving blogs shortly :)

cybill - I couldn't return them if I even wanted to... I have scuffed the heels of the peach ones dreadfully [tips for repairing scuffed patent, anyone?!], and the silver ones got soaked - literally, totally submerged. It's no good at all. They recovered but I bet a shop assistant could tell.

Sister Wolf said...

Shop assistants don't matter! The shoes are adorable.

(I havent forgotton about the PS, I will get it sent eventually! xoxox)

Charponnaise said...

thank you! i read about your pelvic misfortune :( it sounds awful. i've [through my own fault] managed to damage my tailbone this week and while i doubt it approaches the downright bastardness of your injury, i have some approximate idea of the sensation, so you really do have my sympathies. :( very much hope you're on the mend soon. xx