Friday, 25 July 2008

"Help me to be sensible!"

For my friend Ian's birthday this week, a bunch of us took a trip to see the live production of Brief Encounter at the Haymarket. It's truly magical. From the time you go in, it's era-perfect - a little skiffle band playing around the auditorium as you enter, uniformed attendants serving refreshments. The same people get onstage and turn out to be the cast, and then provide the intermission entertainment. It's tickle-me-pink funny and unbearably sad, and the staging is so inventive and gorgeous. If you're a Londoner, I recommend it heartily.

They are apparently taking it to Broadway, and Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick will play the leads. Ugh. I imagine Sarah Jessica Parker will relish the opportunity to be TERRIBLY! DRAMATIC! AND! OVER! THE! TOP!!!!!!!!! OH! WOE, WOE IS SHE!

Rather you, dear New Yorkers, than I.

Anyway, we thought we'd have a jollier time if we dressed up, so dress up we did. I can't really do 1940s very well, because I have neither curl-friendly hair nor pneumatic bosoms. So I went for a marcel-waved 1930s look. I know I look like Olive Oyl - it doesn't need saying, so don't say it.

And here we are with the lead actor, Tristan Sturrock. He seemed much taller onstage, but then he wasn't dressed like an emo mime at that point. Still, a very nice man, stripes or no.


Make Do and Mend said...

Ah you looked charming and very 1940s indeed - not much between 1930s & 40s all told.

I feel inspired to go now as I was a bit doubtful about it being on stage.
you are funny with your comments on SJP!

Charlotte said...

oh I went to see this and LOVED it too! if it didn't have the funny moments it would have been heartbreakingly sad, but I really thought it was perfect. I'm taking my mum in a couple of weeks cause she loves the film too!

enc said...

Wrong continent. Again.

I really love how you both look! Very well-turned out.

The idea that the cast performed so many "roles" is intriguing to me. My town lacks decent theater, alas.

thesearchforchic said...

OH MY! You look mesmerising..seriously... wow.. you exude such elegance in these pictures. <3

Sister Wolf said...

It's try, you look adorable, once again. Please give a lipstick credit!

Anonymous said...

I want to go to the theatre dressed in a 1930's outfit and meet the actors!! My life is unfair, yours appears to be uncommonly good.

Charponnaise said...

Thanks, all of you!

Sister Wolf - the lipstick is Mac Ruby Woo and Nars Funny Face.

Cybill - it's not something I do every day! Just as well, the dress is tight around the stomach and not the most comfortable thing to sit for two hours in a theatre in...