Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Deep thoughts

I'm sorry. This has nothing to do with fashion or music or indeed anything I intended this blog to be about. But two news stories have caught my attention, and I have to share.

First: Chess Boxing.

This is so much poorer than it could be. Two blokes play chess, then get up and slug each other, then sit down and play chess some more?

It would be far better if they took it back to the game's routes, and actually took their places on a gargantuan chessboard [or... someone's chequered kitchen floor?], and the pawns bashed each other in the face as they took each other... and the knights roundhouse-kicked each other, whizzing through the air like ninjas... and the rooks charged headlong at each other, like old-skool jousters. Maybe the queen could be armed with all sorts of ferocious weapons... nunchukas and African hunting knives and a spiked ball-and-chain... perhaps a Gladiators squashy pugil stick. Why can't people do things properly?

Second: 13 people hurt in Pamplona bull run

Seriously, I find it hard to get my head around this. Bull runs through streets chasing people... people get hurt... presumably they do it all again next year. Spanish culture has much to recommend it, but the whole fixation with bulls... something funny's going on there.

Normal service will resume shortly...


enc said...

Yes, the bulls run every year. And yes, people always think they can outrun them. And no, they can't always.


Charponnaise said...

It really baffles me. What is it about their need to antagonise some angry cows? WHY? Surely there are more interesting creatures to pick a fight with.

I'd like to see a bit of live octopus arm wrestling. 8 men per octopus, standard rules apply [elbows on the table, no foul tactics.]

Luxe. said...

Its so pointless I dont get why anyone would think that would be a fun day out, poor bulls.

Oh and I tagged you, look in my blog for the deets...