Friday, 1 August 2008

Though you were just a little swirl, you understood every word

A lady on Livejournal posted this photo in a list of her fashion inspirations for this season, as part of the new romantic [soft goth? I hate that label but that is, if one is to adhere to Vogue's lexicon, what they're calling it] look.

It has just occurred to me that I used to dress almost exactly like that when I was eight. I don't think I had the high heels, but velvet shorts, black tights, hippie-ish brown top, pendant - check, check, check, check. My hair was much shorter and distinctly mousy, but I was only eight, so... fcuk all y'all.

Now I know there's something of a nineties revival going on, but was this actually in fashion back then? I don't remember it being so... or if it was, I don't remember being aware of it, though I do remember there were always piles of Vogue and Harpers & Queen in our house. I was eight, and all I wanted was to be a mysterious looking hippy-goth. It is doubtful whether I succeeded. Whether Peaches succeeds now or not is, perhaps, a separate discussion entirely.


enc said...

It's a cool look.

You don't say if you're going to do this look again—are you?

Charponnaise said...

Nah... now that Peaches has appropriated it I think I'll leave well alone. Been there done that ;) She is not high in the list of my style icons.

Sister Wolf said...

when I was 14, I was full-on goth, including black nail polish and a cigartte. It was long before goth was named. I will send you a pic to make you laugh.

Charponnaise said...

Do! I look forward to it. I think when I was a teenager I was always scared of being a cliche, which of course made me even more of a cliche.

Make Do and Mend said...

Goth moths. I did fierce for four months once but really it ruined my view of the world and people of me.

Black I get but goth no and sadly the marketing of said look bores me.

Luxe. said...

Oh my god i remember velvet shorts like that! cringe!

girl on the wing said...

For some reason I quite like this outfit. I think I need to go have a lie-down.

Kurtay said...


This outfit is amazing and the girl looks fab (is it you?).

Let's get shooting soon. You inspire me a lot!!!