Saturday, 26 April 2008

Clothes swaps

I shop a lot. More than is good for me, and of late, I'm cutting down. One symptom of my overshopping is my running out of space for my clothes. I haven't enough hangers. I have not-right-now clothes stuffed into cupboards, simply because I can't bear to throw things away. And I stubbornly hang onto clothes that categorically Do Not Suit Me because I kid myself I bought them for a better reason than "oooooOOOOoooh pretty colours!" or "one day it'll suit me"...

I don't want to join the madding crowd on eBay, I'm not generous enough to just give them away, and I don't really want to get into selling them and faffing about with Paypal or over-the-counter 'vintage' store negotiating. What I want is more clothes - clothes that will suit me better. [You can see I'm making progress with my behaviour].

Anyone done clothes swaps? How did you organise them? Did you do them online or in a friend's living room? I'm not going to insult anyone by foisting worn-out clothes on them, but I thought about picking out the few things I've bought and just regretted, barely/not worn, and offering them up on here.

All thoughts welcome... this whole 'getting rid of things' lark is new ground to me.

Maybe I'll just make a 'sartorial mistakes - why did I do this?' post, and you can stick your hand up if you spot anything you want to swap something for.

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Shini said...

Wow I'm 6 months late. Well. do you still have that want to get rid of illfitting clothes but cannot give them away for free? I do too -_- have you figured anything out yet? I'm flirting with the idea of burning them in the living room to make heat for my ill-heated flat.