Monday, 2 June 2008

Six quirks

I was tagged by Kate at Make Do & Mend to list my six quirks. I'm not sure whether these are to be style-based or general, so let's go half and half.

1. Everyone who knows me knows this one - I'm besotted with umbrellas. Long, ornate, unusual ones with spectacular handles and exquisite fabrics. No travel-sized rubbish. I have different ones for every weather [there's different kinds of rain . . . ]
2. This obsessive nature extends to food. I have a narrow palate but get crushes on particular foods. Currently: tomatoes [raw as a garlicky salad], cous-cous, fine green beans.
3. I always wear a toy, properly loadable silver pistol around my neck. Extremely rare for me to take it off.
4. I really, really, REALLY enjoy Home & Away. I'm not much of a tv addict; H&A and Gossip Girl are the only two shows I really treasure.
5. I once owned 415 bottles of nail polish and 26 packs of cards [all different and beautiful]. I told you I fixate on things . . .
6. I love James Bond. Everything to do with it. The books, the films, the cars, the girls, the guns, the evening dress, the casinos, the exotic villains' lairs, the white cats, the diamond-encrusted and laser-equipped satellites, the destructive and desperate flights through Russia, China and Harlem. The only bad things about James Bond are the last Pierce Brosnan film, Madonna's cameo [the woman's an abomination], Chris Cornell & Garbage's respective theme tunes and Timothy Dalton, but these faults are balanced out by Basil Fawlty being the new Q.

I now tag the search for chic, Luxe Noir and Wish Wish Wish


Make Do & Mend said...

Quirks are great fun and v.impressed with the Madonna comment. I was starting to think it was just me that thought such things!

Charponnaise said...

She appalls me. She was always capable of being really good and really crap, but these days she just sticks to the latter. And her Charlie's Angels hair annoys me.

And the leotard . . . dear sweet lord of all that is holy. There is a special place reserved in hell for that leotard, its very own little corner.

enc said...

I do love Home & Away. I wish I could see it here.

Charponnaise said...

At last! So few people seem to appreciate the joy of Home & Away. It is truly a beacon of light in tv programming.

thesearchforchic said...

Ohh... I love food as well.. but at least your obsession seems to be of the healthy sort.. I have soft spot for the English mature cheddar the stronger the better... damn you and your Cheddar's!

So fun to read.. thanks for the tag hun.

Charponnaise said...

Oh, you're too right about strong cheddar. I'm not a cheese fan, but as for extra mature cheddar, I can eat a whole cheese in one go.