Tuesday, 3 June 2008

The girl with the golden gun

I know many will find them ridiculous, objectionable, in poor taste, glamorising guncrime, etc. etc., but I cannot lie. I'm awfully charmed by these shoes.

Karl Lagerfeld had Laurence Decade make them for Chanel's 2009 Cruise collection. I love the surreality of them. I think Magritte would love them. The Bond afficionado in me longs for a pair. In each colour.


GossipZ said...

I love these shoes, they are so Bond Girl:)

poetiic said...

i think they are fabulous. they're interesting for certain, and I wouldn't wear them..i'm sure there are some people daring enough..

Charponnaise said...

Ah, f I had them I would wear them every day until they broke. They would start as shotguns and finish as ladies' pistols.

S. said...

I echo your sentiments "Oh God I must have those shoes now!!!"