Monday, 1 March 2010

Two to read

Some interesting thoughts about the future of thrifting over at No Signposts in the Sea and The Girl Who Married a Bear (and some bewitching old photographs at the latter). They make an astute point - for those of us who adore second-hand shopping, what future are we storing up for ourselves with the new purchases that, in theory, will populate charity/vintage shops in twenty years - if they make it that far?

Worth a read.


Make Do Style said...

So true - most charity shops are full of tat now when it comes to women's clothes. Still it has probably always been the same.

Charponnaise said...

They definitely always have been... but there were gems to be found, and I think that is lessening - and if we don't invest in anything with longevity, I don't know what will fill these shops in the future. Of course it seems a bit bizarre to think about shopping in terms of what you will later get rid of - a new spin on disposable fashion!

Also though, I think how one shops will determine what we find in these shops. Aged 16, I loved fashion but what Vogue showed, and what my classmates considered stylish, were lightyears apart. They were baffled by my funny secondhand treasures - copper silk brocade rib-waisted cropped trousers (still wear these today after an 8 yr break), a black Miu Miu shirt... I was 'weird' for buying these things but I just thought they were beautiful & was resigned to being the weird kid. Now I shop with more context but maybe discover fewer treasures because of it.