Friday, 5 September 2008

Another day, another dollar

I have a long post to write about the fashion party the other night - albeit rather late, given it was all over the front page of the papers the next day, with everyone excited about Kate Moss's impromptu catwalk appearance. I'm waiting to see if I can use some photos for the post, though - so many people looked amazing it'd be a shame not to include the images.

Today, meanwhile, another catwalk show - though this is a private one, for a video shoot. A bit of a strange one - it's for a bingo advert. The models look great, though. It's all graduate fashion, and much of it is covetable. The girls are wearing stunning cream structured coat-dresses and space age pillowy white clothes with inflated shoulders and hoods by Min-Kyung Kim, a 2008 LCF graduate; here's the dress as seen in her graduate show -

[It looks better on the model today though, it sits absolutely straight on her, the effect is killer.]

...And the pillowy stuff:

[Photos: Christopher Moore]

Some of it intrigues me - it's like fencing outfits for ballerinas. Very beautiful structure.

For the final walk, the girls are in stupendous black drapery - backless dresses that gather up at the front and what looks like papery cut-out swimsuits under harem pants that are tight to the knees and extravagant at the hips. I will be making enquiries when all this is over, about where I can lay my hands on the garments. The film crew didn't mind me snapping a few shots, so this is roughly what's going on behind me...

Apologies for the awful photos, my cameraphone really is pretty unacceptable.


enc said...

I thought those photos were brilliant. Thanks for taking the time to do the roundup and post the photos.

Make Do and Mend said...

Great photos and love the looks - you old gal about town you - is it celebrity charponnaise now?!

Charponnaise said...

enc - thanks :)

make do - haha! don't know about gal-about-town... it all happens under one roof! it is great fun. i shall not be turning this blog over to sleb-watching though. plenty of that about elsewhere.